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Welcome to Real World School, nestled in the luscious jungle of San Mateo, Costa Rica. Our innovative approach to education seamlessly blends academic with the pillars of sustainability and real-world skills.

Kids learn in a spacious sanctuary open to the skies, which features an organic garden, local plant based food, and dynamic activity spaces designed to foster interactive learning.


Here, students from 25 countries come together in a bilingual environment, embarking on personalized, challenge and project-based learning.


Our tropical campus

School Features

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Our Curriculum Levels

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Discover Our Campus

Ensuring optimal conditions for effective learning and personal development is foundational to our approach.


At Real World School we prioritize creating a safe space where learners can flourish without fear. This commitment extends to fostering emotional safety, emphasizing the development of inner security.

Our Philosophy

Real World School is committed to nurturing self-driven, lifelong learners who possess confidence, social connectivity, and the drive to develop autonomously.

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Our unique learning principles cultivate a community of learners who co-plan their education, respond thoughtfully to challenges, and think critically.


With in-depth working capacities and an entrepreneurial spirit, our students are prepared to lead with autonomy, accountability, and creativity.

Real World School !

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At Real World School parents have many opportunities to be very involved in their children's educational experience.

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We are hiring

We are always looking for exceptional teachers with unique backgrounds that are passionate about innovative education and believe in a holistic approach to learning.

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