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We are a community school

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Here parents can get involved in the education of their children by joining the parenting group, enjoying our onsite coworking spaces, and learning about their children's accomplishments in the monthly "Show and Shine".

​See what it’s like to raise children together.

What to expect as a Real World School Parent

Personal Coordinator

To ensure that each child is fully supported with their learning and self-development, we assign a team member as a Personal Coordinator to support their daily and weekly planning and experiences.


The Personal Coordinator will work - not only with your child - but also with you to ensure that all of your child’s personal and pedagogical needs are met.

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Transitions to nursery

and pre-k

We prepare our youngest learners to transition from home to our Nursery and later to Pre-K by inviting our parents to participate and be present for their first full week to help them with these big steps.

Weekly Learner Updates

We provide our parents with weekly updates - including pictures, texts and videos - on the varied learning experiences that their children are participating in, so they are kept aware of their unique personal journeys.


This helps our parents to better support their children with their home learning too.


Our Onsite Coworking Space for Adults

Enjoy the peaceful environment of our newly furnished coworking space with multiple work areas, a conference space with projection screen, plus a coffee and tea bar

We love sustainability!

Cut your commute in half and lower your driving footprint by coworking at the school

price of co-working is $80/per month for community members and free for parents who have their children enrolled full year.

Plant-based lunch available (5000 colones)

Parenting Groups

Get support and exchange parenting tips to raise your child holistically

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Whole Family Engagement

Learn what your child has accomplished and attend monthly show and shines + nighttime projections of documentaries 

Discover Our Campus

Meet the teachers and other parents, see the children in their natural learning environment, get your questions answered, and picture how your child can flourish here, too

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